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Vacation and School

Hi everyone,

I am so sorry that I have been slacking off with the blogging for a couple days.I have been so busy. Yesterday was my one year anniversary with my boyfriend so I have been spending time getting things ready so that we could have a special day yesterday and we did! Plus, on Monday I had my last day at my job before school which is quite exciting to me.

Now I am going on vacation with my aunt tomorrow and will be gone for the weekend. I will not have access to a computer so I will not be able to blog. Boo. I was supposed to go to Europe this summer but due that fell through so my aunt decided she would take me on a little getaway.

Then, I am starting school so I will do my best but the blogs will probably be less frequent than they were in the beginning but it will definitely continue so make sure you keep checking!!

PS. Thanks so much to those of you who have subscribed and commented. I appreciate it so much and I’m so happy that some of you are finding some help through this blog.

You are never alone.

I wish you all good days.