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Blurry Vision

I am not quite sure how many people with fibromyalgia have this symptom, but I do. My eyes have been checked multiple times for various reasons and there is absolutely nothing wrong with my vision.

It is listed on several thorough symptom lists of fibro along with dry eyes. At a health fair I met an eye doctor, and she said this is most likely a result of dry eyes which could be caused by spending too much time on the computer or even reading. Since people blink less when doing these activities, it results in eyes getting dryer faster and more often.

The most difficult part of this symptom is when my vision gets blurry while I’m driving. That is sooo DANGEROUS!! What am I supposed to do?

Here was the recommendation given to me:

1.) Make sure the computer, book, and/or television is at a safe distance from your eyes. If you sit or hold it too close, it may put more strain on your eyes and cause them to dry more.

2.) Eye Drops.

The drops must be for dry eyes. If you use Visine or drops to treat red eyes, it may cause the condition to get worse. Instead, you can find special drops to treat dry eyes at any local drug store.

I hope these tips help!

Do you have dry eyes? Do you get blurry vision? Do you have another method to treat it or have you tried one from above?

Leave a comment and let me know!