Get to know Marissa…

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia exactly one week before I graduated from high school. Now I am facing college with fibromyalgia and a whole life ahead of me with this illness and decided to start a blog about it.

There seem to be blogs about fibromyalgia research but none about young people with fibromyalgia. Well, now there is!

I will add more to this page once there are more posts up!!

Stay tuned…



  1. Anonymous Said:

    Hi, I’m Deana, I am 38 and was told I had firbro at 12 yrs of age. I understand what your going thru been at it my whole life. You are much better at describing your pain than I am but while I was ready your Letters to Normal I was shaking my head up and down the whole time. I wish you the best and hope you find a way to deal with this horrible condition.

  2. ....RaeDi Said:

    This is a lot for a young women to take on… I wish you all the luck and hope that life makes it easy for you. Pace yourself, listen to your body and it makes it a lot easier, stop by sometime….RaeDi

    I have been living with this and a list several pages long for almost twenty years. You do have some good days, you really do!

  3. Hi Marissa! I’m Katy (under sanitywithfibromyalgia) and just got set up with wordpress to write a blog about the dread syndrome. I’m hoping to build a community here – hope you don’t mind that I will subscribe to your blog! Good luck with college!

    • embrace72 Said:

      Hi Katy, thank you so much for commenting. I would love for you to subscribe to my blog and I would love to join your community! =)

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