Letter to Normals (Part 5)

Sometimes, especially with exercise, I push “myself, and sometimes I push myself too hard. When I do this, I pay the price.” My body cannot just bounce back like yours can. My brain amplifies pain and makes it a lot harder for me to recuperate from even slight things. “I pay a big price for overdoing it, but sometimes I have to” especially trying to drive to school and get involved and do homework and have friends and all the other stuff I do on a daily basis. It can take a lot out of me. “I know it’s hard for you to understand why I can do one thing and not another. It’s important for you to believe me, and trust me about this. My limitations, like my pain and my other symptoms are invisible, but they are there.

“Another symptom I have is problems with memory and concentration which is called fibro fog.” People with fibromyalgia can experience fibro fog in different ways. For me, it may be literally what it sounds like, my thinking is foggy. Sometimes you may be talking to me and I feel like I’m completely engaged and then I realize I haven’t the slightest clue as to what you said. If we are close friends and you are patient with me I may ask, but if not I will probably just ignore it and pretend I understood. I also may ask questions 3 or 4 times within a span of 5 minutes. I genuinely don’t know the answer and am sorry if I annoy you. I can’t help it. I’m not trying to make myself look like a victim. I am just trying to may you aware of what is going on. I am sorry for all the I,I,I  statements. I promise I’m not that self-absorbed. Haha. J “Short term memory is the worst! I am constantly looking for things which I have no idea where I put, I walk into rooms and have no idea why.” Sometimes I seem to be looking really hard for something, but when you ask me I can’t remember what it is and realize the last 20 minutes of my life were wasted. Haha. I also may need a second to process something you say or to respond. I have a hard time thinking of the right words and sometimes I just can’t and sometimes I say the wrong word and don’t even realize it. “Even if I put notes around to remind myself of important things, I’m still liable to forget them. Don’t worry, this is normal for fibromyalgics.”


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