I Need to Clean..

Just like everyone else, I have chores to do and things that need to be done around the house. Fibromyalgia makes normal cleaning and chores seem like torture, at times. When it is difficult to even brush my teeth, how am I supposed to clean?

Here are three techniques that help me get things done:

  1. I take breaks while cleaning. It may take longer to get everything done but I can get more accomplished.
  2. Listen to my body. If I can’t do something today, I will write it on a post-it to do the next day or the day after when I am feeling better.
  3. If I am not feeling well, I take medicine about 40 minutes before I start cleaning so that it will kick in when I am ready to go.

I want to be able to help my mom around the house and listening to my body and taking my time helps me do that. If you want more tips and techniques, I have plenty. Let me know!

What do you do to get things done?


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