The Grass is Always Greener…in reverse

One of my closest friends (We will call her Kiki) from the time I was in 5th grade has cystic fibrosis. We became close friends because I had scoliosis and she had CF so we had to go the the nurse’s office together every day.

For some odd reason, people have mistaken our “diseases” several times. We will text each other and say, “Someone just asked me if I had CF/fibromyalgia, and I was like nope, but one of my best friends does. Haha.”

I have NO idea how people mistake these two conditions and it ALWAYS makes us laugh.

Her mother also has fibromyalgia so she has some experience with it. At one point, they even thought that she might have fibro. (She didn’t. Thank goodness!)

One day we were talking about people who mistake these two conditions. Please note: We are very open with each other and we are very blunt and honest about everything. Nothing in this conversation was considered offensive to anyone involved.

Kiki: I do not know how they could mistake them because what you have is so much worse.
Me: Are you kidding? How could you ever think fibro is worse than CF? You do hours of treatment every day and you are in and out of the hospital all the time. Plus, you are coughing all the time and stuff.
Kiki: Yeah, but I’ve lived with it my whole life. You just got diagnosed a year ago and it is like your whole life got turned upside down. I also don’t have to deal with people doubting my disease. Everyone knows that its real. I know the course of my disease. Yours is totally unpredictable and there is nothing the doctors can actually do to make you feel better.

I had never thought about this. Not about which was worse, but about how her perspective could be so different from mine. I have watched her go through so much with CF and I do not know how fibro could even compare.We had a pretty good conversation about the two conditions. Neither of us changed out opinions but it was a very interesting conversation.

People say the grass is always greener, but I guess when it is in reverse…we’re at least optimistic!


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