Looking Good, Feeling Good

There is a real connection with the way people look and the way they feel both physically and emotionally. There are endorphins that are released to make people feel good similar to the way people feel good when they are exercising.

I understand that with fibromyalgia it is just not possible to put a lot of effort into your appearance every day. I can almost never do my hair because my shoulders hurt too much. Instead, I will try to do my makeup in a way that makes me feel good about the way I look. Sometimes me hands hurt too much and I can’t do my makeup, but I try to do as much as I can. I am trying to learn more about fashion and style and wearing clothes that I feel confident in. Even little things like having your nails polished or wearing a bracelet. Little things go a long way. I try to do little things to help myself feel better. I, personally, could definitely tell a difference because my attitude was different. Did all of my pain go away? No. Did I still feel symptoms of fibromyalgia? Absolutely. However, it did not completely drag me down and cause me to feel more depressed.

There are always little things you can do to feel good. Here are some ideas:

–          Exercise

–          Eat healthier. (Skip the cookies. Try an apple.)

–          Get a mani/pedi

–          Give yourself a facial

–          Wear a dress

–          Apply mascara

–        Go shopping!

What do you do to feel good?

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  1. cevon Said:

    I agree 100%

  2. I have only read 2 of your post & you are so positive! It has taken me over ten years to become positive & put my life & me first. I find this post interesting. I am all about fashion since I got my life back, I feel like I am 18 again. I just shop on a budget now & buy good clothes cheap. LOL I am so glad I did a random search tonight.

    • embrace72 Said:

      Thanks so much for commenting! I am glad you are enjoying this blog and it makes me so happy to hear that you got your life back. That is great!!

  3. Ginger Said:

    I wear make up too when I am having a good day, I wish I could blow dry my hair but that is exhausting and hurts too much usually.
    I do always pick out a nice outfit to wear, even if I’m not leaving the house, it just makes me feel better. I usually opt for dresses too, not fancy ones but they do the trick and are less conforming. I can’t wait until I have a really good day so I can get my eyebrows under control 🙂
    Great post 🙂

    • embrace72 Said:

      haha. I love this comment. You are better than me. I always do makeup unless my hands are not working. I just started picking out nice outfits to wear.
      And my eyebrows are like NEVER in control. haha. I’m trying to start doing a couple minutes every night and eventually, I’m hoping, over time they will get better.

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