Life is Beautiful Challenge

I challenge you to make a change.

Depression is so common with fibromyalgia because of the differences in chemicals in the brain. It does NOT have to be this way. When people are in a state of clinical depression or depression of any kind, they are blind to the beauty in their life and the world surrounding them. This beauty is surrounding each and every one of us.

This was a technique I learned in an acting class and I am going to share it with you today:

When people fall in love, it is a natural high. Every thing in the world seems wonderful and happy. It is like nothing can bring them down. You don’t have to have a significant other to fall in love with every day. There are things all around you that you can fall in love with. Here is how it works:

  • Start with one thing in your day that inspires you. It can be a loved one, a pet, a flower, a sunset, or anything else that lets you feel good. Fall in love with it. It sounds silly, but you can do it.
  • Then, try to do this 5 times a day. Find the beauty in the world around you. Fall in love with all of the wonderful things surrounding you.
  • Turn the love on yourself. Find the traits and characteristics about yourself that are beautiful and wonderful. Love them. The things that you do not like, embrace them! They are the things that make you unique and beautiful. As with almost all insecurities, there are people in the world who would love to have the things that you dislike about yourself. Do not waste time being negative. Try to love everything about yourself. Accept and embrace the things you do not like about yourself. Learn to love them.
  • The ultimate goal is to fall in love with life. No one is ever going to live the same life you life or have the same experiences as you so make the most of your life. Every moment will only come once and you can never get it back. Embrace yourself. Embrace the moment. Embrace you life…it is beautiful.

This is possible even with a chronic illness.

Give it a try.

Love your life.
Embrace yourself.
Life is beautiful.


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