People STILL think fibromyalgia is fake!

It is not a shock to hear that there are still people who think fibromyalgia is fake. It is one of the most common complaints of people with this illness.  Despite the studies that have been done, it is still difficult for some people with fibromyalgia to even get a diagnosis. The studies have demonstrated the differences in the brain of people with fibromyalgia. It is so discouraging to hear people say that if you just don’t think about the pain, then it won’t be there because it is all in your head. I worried for a long time that if I told anyone that I had fibromyalgia they would immediately dismiss it because of rumors they may have heard in the past.

There was a time that I felt all alone with fibromyalgia. My family had made negative comments regarding fibromyalgia and I was not sure if they were joking or not. It was so upsetting to hear things and doubt whether my own family even believed me that there was something wrong with me and beyond my control. As a result, I did not see the rheumatologist for over a year and I managed my pain in silence and self-treatment. Eventually, they realized that I was still hurting and hurt by the comments that had been made in the past. Since then, my family has all been very supportive. At times, I still feel like I am alone in my battle with fibromyalgia but I know that I will have support when/if I need/want it.

I feel like the people in my life who do not think it is fake, do not fully understand it. Sometimes I wonder what people think about me having fibromyalgia. What do they think it is? Do they think it is going to kill me? What do they think I go through? I have been very open, but many people do not like to ask questions. I feel constantly misunderstood by several people in my life. I just hope that one day if my friends have questions, they will ask me. Some of them still do not even know.

I truly hope that all of you with fibromyalgia have supportive family and friends in your life so that you never have to feel alone with fibromyalgia.

I am sure that everyone with fibromyalgia has had some experience(s) with people thinking fibromyalgia is fake. Share your story by leaving a comment.



  1. esta123 Said:

    I feel ya there babe, but there is always hope and the good days, that we should cherish. Walk on over to my blog
    on which you will find a link to my full site, I hope you will find i useful

    • embrace72 Said:

      Absolutely, and I cherish not only every good day but every good moment. They happen all the time..=)
      Thanks for commenting.

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