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I have had fibromyalgia “officially” for 2 years now. However, it seems that too often I find myself surprised by some of my limitations and I am caught off guard.

Overall, my day was good and I was not in too much pain. This is surprising considering that I woke up several times throughout the night due to pain in my hip, which led to difficulty waking up on time and losing out on a pretty good portion of my day.

Then, I went grocery shopping with my mom. We save produce and the frozen section for last. As with many people with fibromyalgia, the cold and I do not mix very well. We couldn’t have been in that section for more than 20 minutes at the most, but ever since then I have been in quite a bit of pain. I took Aleve but it barely ever relieves even 30% of my pain. Needless to say, I am writing this in pain. Lucky me.

Then, my friend texted me to go for a walk. I do not see him very often so I thought that a walk might actually be good for me. The temperature had dropped so my plan to get some heat didn’t exactly work out as planned. Luckily, he is, and always has been, very considerate of my condition and patient with me. We stopped a few times so I could sit down and rest because it was harder for me to walk. He has been friends with me long enough to know when I am walking funny and that usually is a clue to him that I need a break. Despite the pain, I still had a good time. Hopefully, I will feel better tomorrow.



  1. Rachel Said:

    It must be hard to be so young and have fibromyalgia. I was wondering if you had tried changing your diet at all? I had so much pain and when I met with an integrative doctor, I learned that there are foods that actually cause inflammation in the body, which we know causes pain. My inflammation levels were 3 times the normal range and within several months of changing my diet, it’s now normal. Believe me, I know how hard it is to make healthy choices, especially when you are fatigued and in pain but it has helped me more than anything else. I have to plan ahead so I’m always prepared and it takes effort. I have cut out most sugar and processed foods and try to stay away from gluten. Gluten can cause all sorts of symptoms that aggravate fms. I am in school studying to be a holistic nutrition consultant and health coach because I want to help people with chronic pain get their life back. I am using myself as my first case study and I have to tell you that for the first time in a few years, I have hope. I added green smoothies to my diet and it gave me energy and helps me to not have stomach issues.
    Don’t get discouraged my friend. Check out my blog and see what I have been doing. I would love to help you too. As for the pain, I try to walk every day and stay moving somehow. I know what’s like to be in too much pain to do it and I have learned to not overdue it but to take baby steps. Start walking 5 minutes a day if that’s what works for you. I had horrible hip pain due to bursitis (fluid) and the best thing I did for that was riding a stationary bike. It seems like riding would aggravate it but it didn’t. For the most part it’s gone. I have also had 4 knee surgeries and have a partial knee replacement so lots of days, I am in pain but I still walk. I also do lots of stretching to help me with muscle spasms, which I used to have pretty bad.
    It will get better, I promise you. As for your future, God has great plans for you.

    • embrace72 Said:

      Thank you so much for commenting. I have made some slight changes in my diet, but not many to be honest. I do workout though as much as I can. I try to be patient with myself. At the least, I stretch every day. Thank you so much for all of your help and advice. I will definitely keep it in mind.

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