Family Gathering

I am fortunate enough to have a very close family.

We decided to get together today to celebrate the 4th of July since it will be difficult to get together tomorrow.

I was happy to see all of them, but it was raining. I woke up with my lower legs hurting, my elbows and knees stiff, my hands and back aching..(Side note: a fibromyalgia commercial just came on). Anyway, it was tolerable but certainly not as well as like to feel on a day where I will be sitting in a car for about 3 hours total. Moreover, it was raining which is one of my main triggers so that made it even worse. When we sat down to eat, I just happened to sit close to the foods that everyone seemed to want. I love my family and I love helping them out. However, after serving a number of people for their convenience my shoulder began to hurt a lot. Luckily, my hands were not so bad that I could not use them. On top of that, I forgot to bring my Aleve! Aleve is the only over the counter medication that will work for me.

Needless to say, I will spend the rest of the day laying down, relaxing, and taking it easy.


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