Are Raynaud’s and Fibro seperate illnesses?

On various forums, I see people listing Raynaud’s and Fibro as seperate illnesses.
I always thought that Raynaud’s was part of my symptom set for fibromyalgia. It is discribed in many articles and books as an “associated condition” of fibromyalgia.
Raynaud’s is also a symptom of lupus. Fibromyalgia constantly leads to the fear of the possibility of misdiagnosis. I will admit that sometimes I worry if I actually have lupus or some other condition instead of fibromyalgia. There are so many people that have lived with fibro only to find out years later that they have something else or people live for years with an illness and then have fibromyalgia on top of that.
There are times when Raynaud’s causes my fingers to turn purple just from opening a cold water bottle. I was diagnosed with Raynaud’s before I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia so I guess in a way that answers my question. It happens a lot when it rains, too. Sometimes it embarasses me a little and I try to hide my hands from people.
Unfortunately, I often forget to wear/bring gloves with me.
My fingers also seem to skip the stark white phase. They turn purple, then red. When they are red, they hurt ALOT and sometimes it almost feels like there is a layer of plastic covering them for awhile before I can feel things fully again. This is most frustrating when it is winter (cold) or raining and I walk to class to take an exam and my hands are being difficult. Then, my hands hurting on top of that does NOT make it easy to write an essay either. Add fibro fog in there, and all the other symptoms associated with bad weather and/or a fibro flare.

This picture is a lot more severe than my Raynaud’s, thank goodness.

However these are some tips and tricks that I use or have used to help wtih Raynaud’s:

  • Tape fingers with medical tape when they are painful
  • When holding a cold beverage, always put a napkin folded at least once over where you will hold it
  • Put my hands under my legs to warm them up
  • Try to remember to wear gloves!
  • Photo: Tcal from English Wikipedia via

    Do not touch anything, and just wait it out! (This is not a tip or a trick, but sometimes you just gotta do it!)

How do you deal with Raynaud’s?
Do you have Raynaud’s?
Do you think Raynaud’s and Fibro are seperate illnesses?

Comment and let me know!!


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