Fibromyalgia Commercials

Does anyone else get frustrated by the commercials about fibromyalgia?

It seems fibro is constantly described as a “wide, aching pain throughout the body.” First, it does not even touch the surface of the symptoms of fibro. Second, it completely minimizes the condition. When I have a flare, the LAST thing I would describe it as is a DULL, aching pain. A dull aching pain does not leave you incapable of walking or where you need to stay in bed all day. I would be more than happy if fibro was truly that simple.

Also, I have found lists of ALL the fibromyalgia symptoms and some are literally 3-5 pages long. The commercials I’ve seen only assess one of these symptoms. Does anyone else get frustrated by this? I find myself talking out loud about the pathetic description presented about my condition.

I had a professor tell me that when she is with her friends they joke about the commercials. They say things like, “Oh, I think I slept wrong last night…but it might be fibromyalgia.”

On the other hand, some commercials make it seem like we are pathetic people. Yes, I will admit that I have felt discouraged because of my with fibro. I will even admit that I have cried over fibro. However, I never have and never will treat it like I have a horrible, miserable life because I have fibromyalgia. I don’t! My life is beautiful and wonderful even with fibro. Sure, everything isn’t always the easiest and I do not always feel wonderful physically (or anywhere near wonderful), but that does NOT make my life horrible and depressing. I am a very happy person, and I would be with or without fibromyalgia. My life is going to be the best that I can make it, and I am not going to let anything hold me back.

I hope you do the same…



  1. nifedmybi Said:

    Soon autumn, hurry to say goodbye to summer!).

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  3. Ginger Said:

    I am so happy to have found your blog, you seem very positive and that is refreshing. I am being treated for fibro but haven’t been officially diagnosed yet. My aunt also has this and after hours and hours of reading I am pretty sure that this is indeed what is wrong with me. I want to be positive and think forward strong thoughts, but without really knowing for sure this is what is going on I am just filled with worry. If this isn’t my issue than what is wrong? I want to be positive and I feel in time I will be, reading your posts are giving me hope that I can be happy, despite what I physically feel like. Thank you for writing, it’s helping me somehow.

    • embrace72 Said:

      Oh, I truly hope they are able to officially find out what is wrong. I think the scariest part of not knowing. I had changed a lot as a person in the year before I was diagnosed. When they didn’t know what was wrong with me, I promised myself that no matter what it was I was going to get through it and with a positive attitude and a smile. It helps so much. The power of the mind is so strong. When ever you find yourself thinking a negative thought, try telling yourself 3 positive things. It helps so much! =)

      • Ginger Said:

        Thank you for that suggestion, it is a very good idea that I will try hard to keep up with. Did it take a whole year for you to receive a diagnose? I would really just like to move forward but I suppose that’s how everyone feels. I’m scared of being diagnosed, but not knowing feels a lot scarier, just like you said.

  4. […] up with my lower legs hurting, my elbows and knees stiff, my hands and back aching..(Side note: a fibromyalgia commercial just came on). Anyway, it was tolerable but certainly not as well as like to feel on a day where I […]

  5. jenb1978 Said:

    Hi there. I just happened to stumble across this post while surfing on the internet and I felt the need to post. I was diagnosed with fibro and I later found out that it was actually lyme disease. For three years I went on thinking that I would live my life in pain and continuous fatigue. Numerous doctors and tests, including a lyme test, all came back normal. Then I got the label of fibro. What I later found out is that most doctors don’t know a whole lot about lyme and the testing is very unreliable. If you haven’t already seen a lyme literate doctor, I urge you to do so. You CAN get your life back!

    Be well!

    • Thank you very much. I have been hearing a lot about that recently. If you know any websites with articles about that, I would love to read them. I have never had a tick bite or rash or anything like that and I was also tested with lyme disease and it came back negative like you. Thank you so much for commenting.

      • jenb1978 Said:

        I never had a rash or tick bite that I am aware of either. But I do live in a state that is considered endemic for lyme. Who knows how long I’ve had it! I haven’t a clue! There are numerous websites out there with lots of information. I post at a couple of message boards too… in their lyme disease section and on their discussion boards.

        A good website that I would suggest is because there are tons of links and lots of information.

        I was tested for lyme prior to my diagnosis came back negative but the tests are unreliable. My PCP had decided to run another test and lo and behold, that time it came back positive.

        I’ve been on abx a few months and I must say…what a world of difference it has made!

        Anyway, your post drew me in b/c you are so young and you have your life ahead of you. Fibro is VERY real! The symptoms we experience are VERY real! Regardless of what some of the public and doctors think. I also know that not all cases of fibro turn out to be lyme disease, BUT I think it is more common than we are led to believe, that lyme is an issue for those in the fibro community.

        Anyway. I wish you the best of luck in your journey! Maybe I will see you on the message boards I gave you.

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